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Human Right to food in times o Covid-19

Over 140 Brazilian organizations, networks and movements, which historically act in defense of the human right to food, and food sovereignty and nutrition security, present a set of measures to combat hunger that should be implemented urgently by national and local governments. Measures related to the restoration of health and social protection budget, the stablishment of State and Municipal Emergency Committees for the Fight Against Hunger, the mantainace of budget and diretc distribuition of food designated to school meals, and the imediate implementation of emergency Basic Income transfer.

The coronavirus pandemic sheds light on social, ethnic-racial and gender inequalities and the precarious living conditions to which significant parts of the Brazilian population are subjected, especially the black population, women, children and the elderly, indigenous peoples, traditional peoples and communities, and informal workers. The coronavirus might have a catastrophic effect on them.

In unveiling this situation, the pandemic reveals the urgency of solutions that place life and human dignity at the center of decisions and public policies, based on a human rights approach.

You may find the complete document here:

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